Indonesia: A Dynamic Business Destination

Indonesia's growing economy of over 270 million people offers business opportunities in manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, and technology. With abundant natural resources and strategic location, it attracts foreign investors. The government promotes business growth through policies and reforms. Indonesia's young and growing middle class, digitalization, and entrepreneurial spirit make it a dynamic business destination.

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Welcome to Melchers Melindo Indonesia

Melchers Indonesia handles Melchers Bremen's businesses in Indonesia since 1981. With extensive experience and a vast network, we deliver high-quality products and services to clients, earning their trust as a preferred partner in the region.
Services since 1981
Melindo Dipta established in 1981 to develop and handle Melchers' businesses in Indonesia, leveraging a vast network and experience. Surabaya branch supports the Jakarta office in sales. Name changed to Melchers Melindo Indonesia in 2021.
Expertise in Indonesia
Melindo Indonesia has developed into a competent sales and service organization for an international principal base and simultaneously has become a reliable sourcing, QC, logistics base for overseas customers.
Strong Presence in Indonesia
At PT Melchers Melindo Indonesia, we have established a robust presence in the Indonesian market. We have developed expertise and capabilities to support our commitment to the Indonesian market.
Melchers Melindo Indonesia prioritizes sustainability, promoting eco-friendly practices in all operations. We strive to minimize our environmental impact and contribute to a sustainable future.


Melchers Melindo Indonesia offers comprehensive sales, service, sourcing, quality control, and logistics solutions for international clients seeking to establish a presence in the Indonesian market. With over four decades of experience, we have developed a strong reputation for expertise, reliability, and sustainability.

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