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This tech-savvy, trendsetting nation boasts the world's fastest internet and a thriving consumer base, offering lucrative opportunities for market expansion. However, navigating cultural and regulatory differences can be challenging. Our 40-year market presence, deep understanding of Korean regulations and skilled sales and engineering workforce minimize your entry risks and maximizes your chance of success. Leave the heavy lifting to us and let us steer your path into a thriving Korean market.​

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Welcome to Melchers in Korea

Melchers started business activities in Korea in 1978 through a representative office. In 1989 CMC Engineering Export GmbH Korea Branch was established to continue to serve a growing number of customers in a variety of industry segments. Today we promote and sell leading European machinery and technology with our experienced sales staff. We are active in import and distribution of industrial materials, spare parts, components and software solutions for a wide range of industries. Furthermore, our qualified technicians also provide technical support from installation, commissioning, training to A/S and repair services. To our valuable partners we also provide administration and accounting services.
Our mission
Our lies in crafting customer-centric, bespoke solutions that unlock long-term value and propel your business forward. We remain agile, attuned to the evolving Korean landscape, and leverage our entrepreneurial spirit to continuously expand our industry expertise.
Expertise in Korea
CMC Engineering has a team of dedicated sales and engineering professionals, ensuring comprehensive support across all aspects of your endeavor. From technical sales and targeted marketing to expert import/export assistance, technical services (installation, commissioning, after sales support) and certification guidance, we empower your success.
Vast experience
With over four decades of experience in Korea, CMC Engineering has cultivated a robust market presence, nurtured a loyal clientele, and accumulated invaluable market insights. Consider us your trusted navigation system, expertly guiding you through the complexities of Korean business.
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