Taiwan: Expanding Global Reach

Taiwan presents numerous business opportunities across industries such as technology, manufacturing, consumer goods, and renewable energy. With a skilled workforce and favorable investment climate, Taiwan is an ideal destination for expanding your global reach.

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Melchers Taiwan, a Melchers Group subsidiary, provides high-quality products and services since 1971. Our focus on engineering, material handling, and consumer goods has made us a leading supplier with a reputation for reliability and excellence. We value innovation and growth, while upholding our core values of integrity and customer-centricity.
Expertise in Taiwan
Melchers Taiwan has a team of 100+ professionals from diverse backgrounds and specializations, ensuring excellent service and expertise in every aspect of our diversified business.
Our Mission
We create long-term value through customer centric and customized approaches.
Diverse Markets
We support clients in expanding into diverse markets including agriculture & hand tools, machinery, aluminum, automotive, consumer goods, container & offshore, embedded system solution, energy, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, printing & graphics, process engineering, transmission products, sourcing & procurement, construction materials, turnkey solutions, travel, business consulting, cooperate service, and more.
Services since 1971
Melchers has been operating in Taiwan since 1971, with four offices in Taipei and Taichung.


Melchers Taiwan provides top-notch services in material handling, engineering, and more. We specialize in enhancing operational efficiency and productivity, and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation for reliability and excellence.

Success Stories

Melchers Taiwan's success stories demonstrate our expertise in delivering high-quality services and building long-lasting partnerships across diverse industries, from machinery to consumer goods. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction drives our growth and positive impact on society.

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