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Melchers is a worldwide operating company with a wide range of services related to the internationalization to Asia of SMEs. With our trading know-how in a wide range of business areas, we can quickly become active for customers.
Our network of more than 50 subsidiaries in Germany and abroad makes us a powerful, dependable partner. Our experienced experts are there to support you at local level, ensuring the successful implementation of your specific requirements.

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With our network of highly skilled specialists, we offer you access to everything the Asian market has to offer for your business.


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If you are interested in expanding to Asia but are unsure of the next steps or your goal, we will be happy to help you develop a strategy to help your business thrive.
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What our customers say

„We value Melchers as a competent partner to develop luxury businesses and a trustworthy provider of accounting- and corporate services for our organisation in Asia“.
Georges A. Kern
CEO Breitling
“Melchers in Singapore has been our service provider (accounting, office, compliance) for many years, and with their sterling support, our marketing and sales team could exclusively focus on developing our business. Melchers lives the hanseatic spirit of trust and partnership in Asia.”
Dr. Joh. Christian Jacobs
Chairman of Hemro AG
“Melchers is our long-term trusted sales and service partner in specific South East Asian countries. Their local experts ensuring fast and reliable support for our trendsetting production systems to serve the requirements of Asian footwear manufacturers. Melchers carries forward our values of engineering, innovation and commitment in dynamic market environments.”
Klaus Freese
Managing Director - Desma Schuhmaschinen GmbH

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